Galapagos Islands Travel Information & News

The Galapagos Islands are one of the few places in the world that remain relatively untouched by human exploitation. The preservation of the environment is everybody’s responsibility. You can help, by following some simple rules which will help to maintain the archipelago’s fragile ecosystem intact. The future depends on you.

Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands

Ecuador is a country known for its kind and generous people. It has a great variety of landscapes each with a changing climate. We have the highlands, the beach, the Amazon and of course, some enchanted islands. The archipelago is located approximately 621 miles from the northeast coast of the Pacific Ocean in South America. It is formed by 13 main islands that have a surface of approximately 3.10 square miles, 6 islets of approximately 1 square mile and more than 40 rocks that stand out from the ocean’s surface.


Medical Assistance in Galapagos

There is a small clinic in Santa Cruz Island, Puerto Ayora, and in San Cristobal Island, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.


Islands Info


Location: eastern most Island, 80 Km east of Puerto Ayora
Facilities: Puerto Baquerizo Moreno has the Interpretation Center, cafes, souvenirs shops, restaurants, hotels and services.
Visitor Sites: Lobos Island, Kicker Rock (Leon Dormido), Lobería, Interpretation Center, El Junco Lagoon, Frigatebird Hil


Issues in Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are unique – they are probably the only place in the world where we can get an idea of how the world was before humans.
There are several key reasons why we should be protecting the Galapagos:


Flight Information

The passengers must be with 2 hour anticipation before the flight. There you must approach the SICGAL bag inspection section with which you will be able to check-in. You will then proceed to board the plane.